Light a candle, get yourself comfortable, and let your heart be moved by one of the most refreshing smooth jazz artists in recent time...

And now you can download some of his most popular music for free!

Here's what others are saying about Charley Langer!

Charley Langer
  • BRIAN SOERGEL, JazzTimes: "...smooth jazz with bite, beefed up with contributions from world-class musicians."
  • SANDY SHORE, Smooth "... wonderfully diverse, ranging from smooth and contemporary to straight-up and funky...guaranteed listening pleasure!"
  • JONATHAN WIDRAN, Music Critic: "...It's funky, it swings, it's playful, it's emotional - that's a lot of places for a musical heart to go on one collection, but Langer does it all naturally and organically."

Charley Langer sometimes refers to his debut full length independent recording "Never The Same" as "an art project with some very hot players" - but there's no doubt about the Northern California based saxophonist's mainstream potential and ability to connect with thousands of contemporary jazz fans in his home region and around the U.S. and world. Even before the album's official release, its infectious and grooving title track received significant airplay on The Weather Channel and smooth jazz radio, and the video Langer made of the song gets about 400 views per day.

"Never the Same" features some incredible world-class talent, including Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), Wally Minko (Jean Luc Ponty) and Michito Sanchez (Joe Sample). The title track everyone is hearing on The Weather Channel and smooth jazz radio is great, but just scratches the surface of Langer's many musical muses. Let's hope he does another "little art project" soon. All contemporary jazz albums should be this exciting.

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